Emotional Wellness Level I: Healing the Shadow

You can begin this program at any time.  It is ongoing and meant to provide you a way to manage your emotions without sacrificing or suppressing your authentic feelings.  

About the Program  ♥

Emotional Wellness, Level I:  Healing the Shadow is an 8-week coaching program that focuses on diving deep into your mind to uncover, heal and correct any negative emotions that might be sabotaging your happiness and success.  This negative aspect of your personality is called the Shadow. The Shadow self is that part of your ego or personality which tends toward negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.  In this first level Emotional Wellness program, we dive deep into the locked parts of your mind to find the core problems that are blocking your success in the different areas of your life, including financial success, relationship success, good health, sexual satisfaction and career advancement.

Shadow Work is the method we use to correct and heal the Shadow self.  In this first level of Emotional Wellness, we emphasize Shadow Work, but we also learn a powerful healing modality that will totally change the way you feel and help you find self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

This program opens you up to more self-confidence, reduces self-doubt, and will help you overcome issues of fear, anger, envy, depression, and other negative emotions that are holding you back.  In addition, this program introduces Light Work to help balance out all the Shadow stuff we uncover.  Our Light Work, in this program, is meant to help you build a new positive relationship with your creativity and innocent open-heartedness.  It is very heart and mind opening!

Joining the program is easy!  We just need to assess your needs and get you enrolled.  Book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session and we will discuss your goals and your personal desires.  I’ll tell you all about the program and help get you set up for success with it.

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Shadow Work, Healing and Light Work

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In my Emotional Wellness program, I use three practices to help you find the deep healing that will change your life:  Shadow Work, Healing, and Light Work. Shadow Work is a healthy approach to tackling negative energy.  Shadow Work is a series of exercises that we use to help you discover why your mind is focused on negative and limiting thought patterns, negative and limiting beliefs, and negative and limiting behavior patterns.  Some of these patterns are conscious and others are subconscious, meaning you don’t have any idea that you’re doing them.  Although we will address both, it’s the subconscious patterns that can be the most devastating because we are not aware that they are controlling you!  These unconscious patterns of thinking, believing and behaving can stop you from attracting prosperity, creativity, romance and even good health.  Shadow Work is our tool to address all the negative patterning, both conscious and unconscious.

Now, with all that deep mind probing, we need to treat the problems we find with some efficient and reliable healing techniques.  I like to think of healing as a salve that we apply to a wound to help speed its natural reconstruction process.  In my Emotional Wellness program, I will be teaching you how to apply this salve to your mind and your emotions.  You do NOT have to be a ‘healer’ to heal yourself!  Healing is NOT about magic, spells or miracles.  Magic and miracles are wonderful, and they are not just for ‘special’ people or circumstances, they are for EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME.  You are a Divine being having a human experience and if you choose, you can bring your Divine Self into this human experience. When we work together in this program, I will give you tangible and practical techniques to heal your mind and body and bring them into alignment with your Spirit, your Divine Self.

The last part of the program is Light Work.  Light Work is where we train the mind to focus on what is working and how to be solutions-oriented.  In Light Work, we build a new relationship with the world, and we make space to allow the more creative and optimistic aspects of ourselves to come forward.  This is really important because although we were born with open minds and hearts, years of negative thought, belief, and behavior patterning has created neuropathways (habits) that tend to limiting and negative.  For example, if you’re in the habit of viewing success, money or romance as something that you’ll never have because you believe you haven’t earned it, or if you think it for other people, not you– then your habitual response might be one of envy when you see couples holding hands or even resentment when your friends seem to enjoy a boatload of success and material rewards.  Light Work is what we do to get you to have a different relationship with your mind and thus a different relationship with the world.

If you’re ready to sign-up or want more information, book the Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session so that we can discuss your desires and assess your needs.  Then we can get you enrolled.

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Who can benefit from this program?

sad womanThis program is for anyone whose emotional state is negatively influencing their lives.  A negative attitude, fear, doubt, anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, depression and apathy are all draining for your energy.  These negative emotions are low frequency, and they rob you of creativity.  And let’s face it, they make it kind of hard to be around you.  It might even be hard for YOU to be around you!  The thing is, this program is not meant to make you not be negative or doubtful– that’s not the aim, but it’s a natural benefit that comes from doing this work.  The aim of this program is to help you heal the wounding that is making you feel doubtful and afraid.

What you stand to gain from this program:
  • Tools and a practical way to help you manage your emotions
  • A path of authenticity– to be true to yourself
  • A re-awakening of your dreams
  • Pathways to feeling better
  • A much better relationship with yourself
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • More self reliability and less reliance on others to feel make you good
  • Healing of old wounds
  • Closure on old situations that were tugging at your psyche.
  • Clarity around your authentic values– living your life on your own terms
  • Authentic expression
  • Hope, optimism and a more positive outlook
  • A more open heart and mind
  • Self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance
Why choose this program…

Emotions are the key to your overall wellness and peace of mind.  When you are emotionally well, your relationships thrive, your creativity flows and the world shows you acceptance, compassion, good fortune and grace.  There is a strong correlation between emotional wellbeing and excellent physical health, and your emotional state is the foundation for working successfully with the Law of Attraction and its principles.

To me, being emotionally well is about embracing the full spectrum of emotions– joy, happiness, excitement and… sadness.  WHAT?  Embracing sadness?  YES!  As Divine beings living a human experience, I view every aspect of our experience as valid, worthy and essential to good health.  I never strive to be happy, but rather I strive to be aligned in Spirit, mind and body, and I let my happiness come naturally from there.  When my Spirit, mind and body are on the same page, I experience a sense of unity and peace and this feels really good.  When I am not aligned, it feels off.  I experience negative emotions when I am misaligned.  The thing is, being unaligned is not a bad thing– it’s a human thing and we are all Divine beings having a human experience.  It doesn’t help my state of mind to fight being human, so rather than fight it, I embrace it… and embracing the full spectrum of human emotions leads to happiness and alignment!

My job as Spiritual Empowerment Coach is to help you learn how to be authentically empowered.  The best way to do this is to master your emotions– not by beating them down or denying them, but by giving them a healthy outlet through means that let you feel safe and protected.  My methods are compassionate, unconditionally loving and highly effective.  The thing is, no one can do this for you.  You have to master your emotions yourself.  But I can teach you by giving you practical ways to dig deep below the layers of limiting beliefs to get to the core issues.  Once you address the core issues, the whole system of negative feelings that they parented will fall away beneath the healing and compassion.

If you’re ready to get started or have more questions, then book in with me to discuss your needs and we can see about getting you enrolled from there.

Book an appointment to discuss the program and enroll

Here’s how Emotional Wellness, Level I:  Healing the Shadow works…

There are nine modules to this program and it takes about eight weeks to complete.  Each week you will be sent one lesson and you will be invited to join one group coaching call to receive coaching, discuss your personal experience and to deepen your insight about the work you did that week.

Each lesson contains:

  • Weekly Teaching:  Each lesson contains a video to watch or podcast to learn the concept and technique for the week.  You can see the list of teaching topics below in the weekly modules.
  • Weekly Guided Meditation:  Each lesson comes with a guided meditation to follow each day to help you open up to receiving the learning and to help you practice some of the principles that will be presented.
  • Homefun:  Homefun is what we’ll be calling homework.  Each week, you’ll be given a series of exercises to stimulate your mind and dig deep into what we’re covering.  You’re gonna like it.  It will be challenging, but it will be FUN!
  • Reading:  For this program, we’ve got two books that I suggest you read.  They’re optional, but they will totally help you deepen your healing.
  • Weekly group coaching call:  The group calls are a great opportunity to commune with other people who may be having similar experiences to you, but most importantly, other participants share experiences that will help awaken you to things you never considered.  I love our group calls because the learning and healing go deep and the friendships and community that form are profound.

Coaching Calls are offered at two different times.  You can choose the one that best suits your schedule. And don’t worry if you miss one– you can submit your topics to me via email and I’ll address them during sessions which are recorded so that you can listen at a later time.

Alright!  So let’s get started.  Book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to discuss your needs and how you would like to grow over the next several weeks.

Book an appointment to discuss the program and enroll


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