Monthly Full Moon Ritual


This ritual consists of daily meditation, journaling and a variety of self-love and healing practices that you are invited to do for 10 days to help you connect to the Full Moon and heal and balance your emotions.

Program Dates: Ongoing. It begins 3 days before the rise of each Full Moon. The next several Full Moons and their Ritual start dates:

Full Moon in Virgo: March 2nd
Ritual Starts: February 27th
Full Moon in Libra:  March 31, 2018
Ritual Starts:  March 28th
Full Moon in Scorpio:  April 30, 2018
Ritual Starts: April 29th
Full Moon in Sagittarius:  May 29, 2018
Ritual Starts:  May 26th
Full Moon in Capricorn:  June 28, 2018
Ritual Starts:  June 25th

Enroll now, and you’ll be automatically emailed the instructions to join each one.

Program Pricing: Free

Program Leader: Crystal Lynn Bell

Location: On this web page! Enroll and then bookmark this page to return each month! ♥

Program Description:

Each month, the Moon waxes and wanes, affecting the tides of the oceans and the tides of our minds. The New Moon is about looking outward and forward to the future. But the Full Moon is about culmination, release, shadow and healing. The Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to consciously find the old negative feelings, heal them, release our attachment to them and find forgiveness. I invite you to join me each month for an easy 10 day ritual that honors the old negative feelings as we release them, freeing ourselves to be more creative, optimistic, and unconditionally loving. Our practice during the Monthly Full Moon Ritual is to meditate and be unconditionally present with ourselves, hold space for our own dark and shadowy self, heal the wounding with our angels and forgive ourselves whatever needs forgiveness. This program begins three days before the rise of each Full Moon. Enroll now and you’ll automatically receive updates and instructions to prepare you for the Full Moon phase, even if it is in process, so you can join and participate at any time.

This is a free offering.

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