Monthly New Moon Ritual


This ritual is a single module practice that you can do as often as you want around the time of the New Moon.  It will be updated once a month at the time of the New Moon. It is entirely self-guided and you are invited to adjust it as you need to suit your own style and your regular meditation and healing practice.  

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Program Dates: Ongoing. The New Moon energy is active 3 days before the actual New Moon rises and for up to 10 days after, so it is appropriate to do the ritual at any time during this period.  Below is listed the next three New Moon dates in CEST (Zagreb, Croatia)

  • March 17th at 2:11pm
  • April 16th 3:57am
  • May 15th at 1:47pm
  • June 13th at 9:43pm
  • July 13th at 4:47am

Enroll now, and you’ll be automatically emailed the instructions to join the ritual at the New and Full Moon each month.

Program Pricing: Free

Program Leader: Crystal Lynn Bell

Location: On this web page! Enroll and then bookmark this page to return each month! ♥

Program Description:

Each month, the Moon waxes and wanes, affecting the tides of the oceans and the tides of our minds. The Full Moon is about culmination, release, shadow and healing.  The New Moon is about looking outward and forward to the future. I invite you to join me each month for an easy 1 day ritual that helps you take advantage of the healing and creative energy that comes with each Moon phase.

Our practice during the Monthly New Moon Ritual is to unite our heart and mind in commitment to manifesting our dreams and heart’s desires. This program will be updated three days before the New Moon and is available for you to use during the entire New Moon phase (14 days) as often as you want.  Enroll now and you’ll automatically receive updates and instructions to prepare you for the New Moon each month.

This is a free offering.

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